20th Century Travel: 100 Years of Globe-Trotting Ads

During my time at TASCHEN I teamed with US art directors and managing editors in creating beautify designed coffee table books covering, art, music, historical erotica and pop culture. While freelancing in and out of the office I designed layouts, conceived color schemes and created typographic solutions for numerous tomes. I also worked closely with the production team in collecting the assets used in layout for many of the projects.

A lush visual history of international wanderlust, this volume features 400-plus print advertisements from the Jim Heimann Collection, that illustrate the evolution of leisure travel — from domestic to global, exclusive to popular, exotic to standardized — and its crucial role in American culture.

With an introduction, decade-by-decade analysis, and an illustrated timeline, this book highlights the cultural and technological developments that transformed travel from a cushioned journey of the elite into a convenient leisure pastime for the general public.

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