Converse Advertorial

I designed the layout of this advertorial from mock up to final. This advertorial, only created to appear in FLAUNT, presents the launch of the Jack Purcell sneaker from Converse. The special velcro strap of the shoe was incorporated into the advertisement by using an actual three dimensional strap the reader can pull back to open a flap, revealing a hidden advertorial booklet. There were two designed versions of the booklet but only one went to print. The cover of the magazine also features a velcro strap wrapping around the side, which holds the magazine shut.

Converse Advertorial: Ad spread

Converse Advertorial: Ad copy detail

Converse Advertorial: Logo detail

Converse Advertorial: Strap detail-closed

Converse Advertorial: Strap detail-open

Converse Advertorial: Flap open revealing hidden booklet

Converse Advertorial: Accordion fold booklet pulled out

Converse Advertorial: Booklet detail

Converse Advertorial: Accordion fold booklet out further

Converse Advertorial: Printed design front and back

Converse Advertorial: Unprinted design front and back

Converse Advertorial: Velcro strap holding magazine shut

Converse Advertorial: Back advertisement / Closed strap